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 Professional Finishing Products

Duracoat Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer

DuraCoat Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer is a premium quality professional finish for furniture, cabinets and millwork and are very user friendly. DuraCoat features high solids, moisture and mar resistance, good flexibility and are more durable than regular nitrocellulose lacquers.

When used as a self-seal system or over Mohawk’s E-Z Vinyl or high solids DuraCoat Sealers, DuraCoat produces an exceptional finish system that passes KCMA testing. DuraCoat Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers are ready to spray and enable user the best flow and build without reduction. Conventional VOC.

Available inMohawk Duracoat

  • Flat (10)
  • Matte (20)
  • Satin (40)
  • Semi-Gloss (60)
  • Gloss (80)

Duracoat Pre-Catalyzed White Lacquer

DuraCoat Pre-Catalyzed White topcoats provide a premium quality finish that offers high moisture resistance, good flexiblility, mar resistance and excellent durability. It is an outstanding finish for furniture, kitchen or bath cabinets. When used over Mohawk’s E-Z Vinyl White Primer, the system passes KCMA tests. Solids: 29%

Available in

  • Matte (20)
  • Satin (40)
  • Semi-Gloss (60)
  • Gloss (80)


Mohawk’s E-Z Vinyl Sealer is designed for use in high contact areas where improved durability, water resistance, and adhesion are critical. Mohawk M610-8008
 A key advantage is improved system flexibility. When properly applied under Mohawk pre-catalyzed or post-catalyzed systems, the system passes and /or exceeds KCMA testing. No catalyst needed. Ready to spray viscosity. 550 VOC compliant. Solids: 24%


Mohawk M610-1067This high solids, ready to spray, white vinyl primer has excellent moisture resistance characteristics. When top-coated with Mohawk’s DuraCoat Pre-Catalyzed White or Ultra White Conversion Varnish, the system will pass KCMA testing. E-Z Vinyl White Primer is the perfect choice for priming cabinets, millwork and MDF. Plus, it’s exceptionally user friendly. Solids 41%

Piano LacquerMohawk M610-1307

Piano Lacquer is a high-quality nitrocellulose lacquer specially formulated to allow higher build without sacrificing clarity, ideal for piano finishing and refinishing projects. Piano Lacquer also has excellent rubbing characteristics. Provided in a ready-to-spray viscosity.

Classic Instrument LacquerMohawk M610-1407

Formulated to produce a superior finish on thin, flexible tone woods such as those used on stringed musical instruments. Excellent flow, flexibility and durability. Superior rubbing qualities yield a mirror-like reflectance. Supplied ready to spray.