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Mohawk Finishing

 Touch-Up Products

Mohawk Aerosols

Tone Finish Toners

Finely ground, non-fading pigments for color repairs that last. Available in a wide variety of wood finishing shades. Used throughout the industry for quick efficient professional touch-up. Adapts to various methods so as to blend in spot repairs. Adjustment of sheen is achieved with a topcoat of clear lacquers. 

Available in gloss, satin, flat and dead flat.

Mohawk Tone Finish Aerosol

Ultra Classic Toners

Dye-based transparency with highest rating of light-fastness available for dyes.

• Excellent flow out, no overspray
• Mar and alcohol resistant

Solve flow-out problems associated with aerosol lacquer touch-up! Ultra® Classic Toners utilize a non-fading, non-bleeding dye to provide excellent clarity. Wood shades can be varied without imparting the “muddy” effect sometimes associated with pigment type toners.

Perfect Blend Waterborne Lacquer

A premium blended nitrocellulose lacquer displaying excellent adhesion over waxed and polished surfaces and areas contaminated with silicone. Perfect Blend™ features a soft spray, low film build, and fine atomization resulting in virtually no overspray, little bounce, excellent flow, and strong ability to blend in with the surrounding surface.


Fil-Stik Putty Sticks are semi-hard putty sticks used to fill in nicks and scratches or open corner joints. Can be protected with Tone Finish aerosols or other coatings.  Mohawk Fil-Stiks

No heat or special tools required, simply rub in and wipe off.

Fil-Stik Color chart


Mohawk Blendal Sticks are used to add or alter color when repairing and touching up wood. This product allows quick color replacement on raw or finished edgesMohawk Blendal Sticks and flat surfaces. You can easily blend the colors to accomplish a perfect match.



Mohawk’s Wood Epoxy Putty Stick enables you to restore, rebuild and repair all kinds of wood and other hard surfaces.

Mohawk Epoxy Sticks

  1. Easy to use and versatile
  2. Makes durable, permanent repairs
  3. 8-10 minute workable time
  4. Fast curing, hardens in less than 20 minutes
  5. No shrinkage
  6. Mold to any shape
  7. May be sanded, drilled, stained or painted.
  8. Excellent adhesive – wood to metal, wood to glass, and wood to ceramic.

Background Markers

The Background Marker dispenses a thin, highly opaque, fast dying, low sheen film to replace background color over fills, glue lines, dark areas in raw wood, and other stains. Indispensable for touch up on MDF, particle-board, and other very absorbent substrates, which go dark with other types of markers. Color band on markers to aid in identifying correct colors. 

Ultra Mark Markers

If you can write, you can touch-up furniture defects instantly. Contains light-fast pigments which seal, stain and finish – in one easy operation. Ideal for edge and scratch re-coloring. Compatible with all types of finishes. Use in conjunction with Mohawk Fil-Stik Putty Sticks and E- FIow Burn-in Sticks. For further protection, can be sprayed over with Tone Finish Clears as well as other lacquers, acrylics, varnishes and urethanes.