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Custom Made Products


Custom Color Matched Caulking

Are you in need of a specific color of caulk? We can help.

We can custom match caulk to ANY color you need to match your molding, tile, brick, trim, or anything else. Simply provide us with a sample color and we’ll take care of the rest. (Minimum 12 tubes)

Custom Color Aerosol Cans

We can custom match any water or solvent based stain, lacquer or paint, in any sheen, and produce an aerosol spray can. They are great for small jobs – where a spray gun isn’t practical, or for touch-ups purposes. 

Specialty Products


Envirotex Lite

EnviroTex Lite

EnviroTex Lite is a water clear reactive polymer compound. It cures to a thick, glossy coating in about 8 hours at 70°F, and reaches full strength and toughness in about 48 hours. This durable, resilient material requires no polishing to produce a high gloss. One coat is all that is usually required for a deep attractive finish, however, two or more coats maybe applied one over the other by simply wiping the surface with a clean cloth and alcohol prior to re-coating.

BB Frosch Chalk Paint


BB Frösch is the affordable and premium alternative to pre-mixed chalk paint. Our unique and special blend of minerals easily mixes with ANY regular latex or acrylic paint to turn it into rich and creamy chalk paint! You choose the color, and you choose the brand. Not only does BB Frösch make chalk painting affordable with the flexibility of color choice, because you mix only what you need, there’s no waste!

Deep Green Stain Remover

Deep Green Stain Remover

Deep Green removes the toughest stains from the trickiest of surfaces without leaving any odor behind. Oil or ink,
blood or pet stains; they all don’t stand a chance! Use the multi-purpose stain remover to leave everything from the
couch, mattress, carpet, sink, to the grill outside impressively clean with a rejuvenated surface to match.
Completely toxin free and odorless. Doesn’t leave behind any film or residue. Restores original color, luster and
shine. Safe for use around kids and pets. Biodegradable and eco-friendly formula. Can be applied directly
onto a stain or dissolved in water to make a solution.